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References - sport events

European Youth Olympic Festival 2003 (2003)

European Youth Olympic Festival 2003 (EYOF) was held on Bled in January 2003. Competition in Bled and other winter sports centers in Gorenjska region was attended by around 850 participants from 41 countries, totaly participated over 1200 participants. Every day we prepared 30 minute reportage from all venues and awarding of medals. We had 4 assembly and 5 teams for recording. Scenes were in Bled, Pokljuka, Jesenice, Planica and Stari vrh. Furthermore, we have assumed the entire video support for opening and closing events. We have produced promotional film about the event as well. Advertising film has played at the national and other commercial television. For the organizers we created an anthem of the festival, from composing lyrics to creating final music video.

World Freefight Challenge (2006)

World Freefight Challenge happened in Koper in year 2006. In WFC ring combatants fight under the rules of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and K-1. MMA rules allow fighting on parterre, but kicking to the genitals, neck, hitting by head, biting, nudging by fingers into eyes are not allowed. In K-1 format is permitted only standing fight (stand-up), but prohibitions are quite similar to those of MMA. For television Eurosport we recorded the entire event in broadcast quality by six cameras.

World Cup Jumping (2006-2007)

World Cup Jumping is one of the most respected global sports competitions, since such a structure as well as the quality, can compare with similar design competitions in other sports.
For a company Ugar we prepared several promotional films for events of World Cup Jumping 2006 and 2007. We prepared the entire video support for athletes as well.

Ljubljana water games (2009)

Kayak and Canoe Union of Slovenia organized event under a new name "Ljubljanske vodne igre". It is an all-day sporting event with competition in the parallel slalom with kayak and canoe for the award of the city Ljubljana, rich accompanying program linked to the water games, sports and historical tradition Ljubljanica river. The whole event was monitored by several cameras to show live picture on LED screen.

The yellow ball (2007-2008)

In cooperation with Tennis Union of Slovenia we have been prepearing the commercial television TV SportKlub preparing monthly TV show of tennis. From a substantive point it was in mainly intended for young. TV show was fully prepared by our team from the script, directing, shooting, editing, to the final product. We have also produced the credits roll.