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References - TV Production

Documentary film stadium (2004)

Exactly one year later, on the anniversary of the largest Slovenian concert of music group Siddharta we aired in all Kolosej's cinema halls all over Slovenia a documentary movie for all fans of the group who wanted to meet behind the scenes and relive the moments of this great event. Film includes unreleased tracks preparations for this historic day, an exclusive interview with team members and some memorable moments from concert itself.


10 years of the Management Board of the Prison (2005)

In 2005, the Management Board of the Prison celebrates 10 years operation. To this purpose we created a reportage for them. It was interesting facing with the problems of administration and prisoners in all Slovenian prisons.

Simobil Football League (2005/2006)

The first Slovenian Football League is the most important club football competition in Slovenia. During the seasons 1999/00 and 2005/06 the league was officially known as Liga Si.Mobil. For national television RTV Slovenia we recorded in the season 2005/06 more matches with three cameras and produced highlights for TV Show about football.

Harmony of Europe (2008)

For the youth program of the national television RTV Slovenia we made Twelve short films / TV shows, under the name "Harmonija Evrope". Films were fully produced, that mean, from the script, directing, editing, to the final product. Headword for each show is a song about presented country or land sung in Slovenian environment reminiscent of the environment from the content of the song. In the second part we moved to a school environment in which with a group of students of higher grades we equally chat about historical, cultural and spiritual particularities of each country or land. In the third part we visit each Embassy of country or land, where we learn what are the duties of Ambassador, we find many interesting facts about their country at firsthand and we eat some of their delicious traditional cakes.

A musical Prešerno o Prešernu (2008)

Group Flip comes from Piran and can be proud of some excellent achievements in gymnastics festivals and competitions, including more titles of European champions. In musical Prešerno o Prešernu authors and young players want to present Prešeren's path in life, try to closer to young people, to take Prešeren and his art on their own. The show was filmed with multiple cameras and produced on DVD for sale.

Advertisement Adriaker (2007)

Adriker Company is engaged in the retail sale of sanitary and bathroom equipment of famous manufacturers. We made advertisement for them.

Orto dance audition (2007)

Si.mobil organized Orto dance audition in all major towns of Slovenia in order to find the best five ORTO dancers who were Awarded by appearing in the autumn Orto TV advertisement. From each place, where the caravan dancers stopped we made a short reportage (2007).

Promotional presentation of Ljubljana (2009)

With Agency Promo we prepared for the Ljubljana Tourist Board a promotional presentation of Ljubljana, which is subdivided into several lots, composed of video and photo material. The thread of the story, we enriched with Ljubljana's dragon that in a funny way appears in all lots.