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Wings media server

Panoramic projection is implemented through Wings media server through
which we can implement the most demanding projection.

Wings media server allows you to create projections by laying objects on the base image or allows picture-in-picture effect (baseline image can be in the form of graphics, photos or animated wallpapers), buildings may be graphics, photos, sounds, videos, text, live image or PPT presentations.

We can optionally treat (resizing, painting, rotating, positioning, ...). Also in this projection is of course possible to integrate pre-prepared or archival footage.

Wings media server is a special processing unit that contains digital and analog
video inputs to capture live images from a variety of sources and DVI input capture
signal from the PC or notebook.

This allows to display different combinations of screening:

  • real time display of the speaker, his PPT presentations and company logo / brand mark or

  • real time display of the speaker, graphic presentations and archival film or

  • real time display of the entertainer, musical text and animated wallpapers

Possibilities are therefore really great and most of the great, everything is possible
to project through multimedia projector on a screen without image distortion.

As large projections can not be performed with just one video projector, the solution is in relation to multiple projectors, forming one common visual content. This can only be taken by suitable computer software support combined in a so-called "Media server".